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Contact: Lauri Sliney 907-687-8758


October 20, 2014 Fairbanks Alaska


“A healer must mend a fractured kingdom and bring two enemy races together before a greater enemy destroys them both.”

FAIRBANKS, ALASKA, October 20, 2014—Alaska independent author Lela Markham announces the release of her new book The Willow Branch introducing readers to the land of Daermad, where centuries of strife have left the Kingdom of Celdrya without a king and the neighboring Kin without the resources to counter a looming invasion.

Lela Markham combines a background in journalism with a lifelong avocation as a storyteller to tell an engaging story of conflict, destruction and faith in a richly drawn world torn by human factions, black mages, racial bigotry and vengeful Celtic goddesses, backdropped against a forgotten history that holds vital keys to survival.

“You have really put a lot of thought into your creation and the depth of the characters and their relationships are tightly woven. I like that you bring a true flavor to this story, an almost alien yet familiar feel to the lore behind it. Much enjoyed.” writes Joe Attanasio (author of A Butcher’s Tale)

The Daermad Cycle enters the uncrowded field of Christian speculative fiction with a book to be enjoyed by all readers of all faiths, that treats Celtic polytheism and Christianity as options in a world where ordinary heroes live in authentic ways and meet challenges with both strength of arms and the long hand of the One God.

“As a Christian reader, I have long been frustrated with the lack of stong ch

Markham, who blogs at, is available for interviews and appearances. For booking presentations, media appearances, interviews, and/or book signings contact

Lela Markham grew up in the Last Frontier in a house built of books where she’s been telling tales since she could talk. She and her family of fearless adventurers combine summers of outdoor exploration with winters of artistic creation.




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