Delving into the Middle Ages


Willow Branch Blue White Recreation CoverDaermad Cycle (The Willow Branch is Book 1, Mirklin Wood is Book 2) is an epic fantasy that takes place in a largely medieval world. It’s not Europe. My Celts felt through a rip in reality and have been building their own world for 1000 years. They left Europe more than a 1000 years ago in our realm, so my Celts missed our Middle Ages, but on the assumption that they were headed that way anyway, I allowed them to develop their own systems along those lines.

The Middle Ages weren’t a monolithic time period. They can be divided up into smaller periods, each with its own unique characteristics and qualities. Furthermore, each part of Europe had its own historical development, traditions and customs. There was really only one unifying feature – an institution that encompassed all of Europe through most of that time – the Catholic Church.

Front Cover RedThe Middle…

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