Interview with Richard Walsh


Yep! I’m running late today. My whole week has been the busy culmination of a busy month in which my work life and personal life have both had a lot of activity. Usually things are slowing down this time of year, but not in 2016. Then our internet is down at the house, so I had to come to my brother’s house to post this. Hey, life is an adventure!

Today’s interview is with Richard Walsh, who is another author featured in the anthology Echoes of Liberty, which was released yesterday.Welcome to the blog.  Tell us something about yourself.

I live in Minneapolis with my family and a pack of basset hounds. I work as an accountant, love reading and running, and have a weakness for politics.

At what point did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve been noodling around with writing for about 10 years…

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Interview with Heather Biedermann


Today’s interview is with Heather Biedermann. Welcome to the blog, Heather. Now, you’re one of the authors in the Agorist Writers Workshop anthology Echoes of Liberty, coming out next week. Tell us something about yourself.

biedermann-heather-author-picHi, Lela! I live in the land of the Vikings in Southern Minnesota. To pay the bills, I am a librarian. I am lucky enough to work in a university and get to work with amazing students and faculty. It really does keep you young! I am married to a great guy and have two rambunctious cats. For fun, I love to go glamping (glam camping) and enjoy traveling to visit friends. If we cross paths, pull up a chair next to me and we can share some wine or beer. I love to hear stories!

At what point did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I have always had a love of…

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Interview with Michael Reid, Jr.


Today’s interview is with Michael Reid Jr. Welcome to the blog. Tell us something about yourself. 

mreid-author-picA native of the midwest, spending most of my life in the Chicagoland area, venturing into Saint Louis, Missouri for graduate school. I received my doctorate in physical therapy from Washington University and practice in a sports rehabilitation setting in the northern suburbs.  I am married to a woman who impresses me every day, and father to a son who is growing too fast.

Unfortunately, they do that!

Previously, I worked for the government for 4 years, where I had a lot of conversations with military personnel. I still get to work with service members, as well as first responders on a regular basis as a physical therapist.

At what point did you know you wanted to be a writer? 

mreid-w-sonI remember writing as a youth in grade school. It was difficult for…

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Interview with James Kunstler


Today’s interview is with James Howard Kunstler. Welcome to the blog. You and I have some semi-similar backgrounds … we were both journalists when we were young. Tell us something about yourself.

JKunstler Author picI was born and raised in Manhattan, except for a three-year interval in the Long Island suburbs between age 5 and 8. Went to the High School of Music and Art, where my poor academic record made it hard for me to get into college. Because the Vietnam War was on (and the military draft), I managed at the last minute to wiggle into a third-rate SUNY school (Brockport State) in the remotest corner of far western New York. Had a pretty good time there. Majored in theatre (show biz!) Liked being far away from the Big City! Liked small town life. After college, worked for the Boston hippie newspapers, then several daily newspapers as a so-called feature…

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