1st Taste Treat of “Objects in View”


This week’s topic is an excerpt from our writing, which happens to coincide with the upcoming publication of Objects in View.

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Objects in View Front CoverWe were going along living life. There was nothing extraordinary about that day. We were drinking mochas, commuting on interstates, talking on cell phones, eating in restaurants, chatting on the Internet, making money and spending ourselves into debt. In a million parks across the nation, women tickled their babies’ toes and men tossed the Frisbee for…

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Interview with Andy Peloquin.


Today’s interview is with Andy Peloquin. Welcome to the blog.

Thank you, Lela! It’s a pleasure to be here!

Andy Peloquin Author Pic.pngTell us something about yourself.

I’m quite the oddball: born in Japan, Canadian citizen, French mother, American step-father, living in Mexico. I write freelance and teach English for a living, but I’m slowly making the transition to becoming a full-time author. I just need about 1 million people to buy my books, and I think I’ll be good. Hehe…

You and me both, man. At what point did you know you wanted to be a writer?

That question always makes me smile. I wrote my first story (short, and a total piece of garbage) at the age of 10–a piece called “Tally the Tigermaster”. Very Christian/religious story about a tiger-trainer who has a religious epiphany/moment of self-discovery after nearly getting eaten by his tigers.

At 15, I had lots of free…

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Interview with Oleg Konovalov


Today’s interview is with Oleg Konovalov, author of a book Organisational Anatomy: a Manager’s Guide to a Healthy Organisation. Welcome to the blog.

Thanks a lot for inviting to your blog! Great to be as far as Alaska, even virtually!

Tell us something about yourself. 


I am originally from the northern area of Russia, Murmansk, which is above the Arctic Circle and similar to Alaska in terms of climate. For the last twenty years I am living in Birmingham (the UK) but still traveling to Russia to see family and friends from time to time. My work journey is quite colourful, from a deep-sea trawler engine room to the top managerial positions. I was operating businesses in the UK and internationally for 25 years and now concentrating on consultancy and lecturing. Feeling an irresistible craving for more knowledge went for MBA relatively late and eventually gained a doctoral degree…

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Interview with Will Pollock


Today’s interview is with Will Pollock, author of Leaving Triscuit. This interview was set up by Elite Book Tours. Welcome to the blog, Will.  Tell us something about yourself. 

Pollock, Will Author PicI’m a freelance multimedia journalist, artist and photographer based in Midtown Atlanta. I have a Masters in Journalism from Northwestern and I’m obsessed with good storytelling. A dog lover, art curator, humorist, blogger, activist and sports fan, I try to take on projects that make a difference in people’s lives.

At what point did you know you wanted to be a writer? 

For as long as I can remember, but the first spark was in college when I took my first dedicated writing class. after I got my first job in journalism in 1994, I knew storytelling was my jam. 😉

Tell us about your writing process.

A good writer is a dedicated editor, and vice versa. I’ve been in…

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