A Visit with Jane Bwye


This week’s interview is with Jane Bwye – who has been on the blog before, but it’s been a while. She was working on a new book. Welcome back to the blog, Jane.

Jane Bwye Author PicThank you for asking me round to your place, Lela. I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska. I guess it’s the idea of all that snow and the remoteness which appeals to me.

We are remote, that’s for sure. So what have you been up to since your last visit to the blog?

You want to know a little bit about me…. I wasn’t quite born in Kenya, but lived there for over half a century.  Now my husband and I are retired in the UK. Our family of six children and seven grandchildren are scattered over three continents, so I have developed a taste for travel. In order to fuel this urge, I mentored small business start-ups…

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Interview with DG Driver


Today’s interview is with D. G. Driver. Welcome to the blog, Donna. Tell us something about yourself. 


I grew up in Southern California, but I’ve lived near Nashville, TN for 13 years now. I miss the ocean every day. During the day I am the lead infant teacher at a Child Development Center in Nashville that helps both typically developing and special needs children. I am married with two grown step-daughters and a daughter of my own in high school. We are all performers. I once was a professional actress/singer, but now I enjoy doing community theatre musicals with my husband (and sometimes my kids). I’ve been cutting back to only one show a year lately so I can devote more time to my writing. I primarily write YA and Middle Grade fiction, but I have a story in an adult romance anthology coming out soon. I enjoyed writing that…

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Interview with Rebecca Lombardo


Today’s interview is with author Rebecca Lombardo. Welcome to the blog, Bekka. Tell us something about yourself. (Where are you from, what do you do to pay the bills, significant relationships, as little or as much as you want).

Lombardo Author PicI am from Michigan, I’ve lived here my whole life.  I’m very happily married to an amazing man.  This August it will be 15 years.  I come from a large family.  We don’t have kids, but we do have 5 cats that we rescued. We adore them.


At what point did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve had an idea that I wanted to be a writer since third grade.  I can recall writing a story, with my own illustrations, all in crayon.  It was about a little American Indian girl named White Cloud that lost her feather.  It just felt right to me, so that was…

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Interview with Bokerah Brumley


BBrumbley Author picToday’s interview is with Bokerah Brumley. Welcome to the blog. Tell us something about yourself.

Thanks for having me, Lela. It’s great to be here digitally.

I’m a blue-haired, home-schooling mom-weirdo from a tiny town in West Texas. My name means Morning, and I live on ten acres with five kids, four peacocks, three dogs, two cats, and one husband.

At what point did you know you wanted to be a writer?

When I was seven or eight, I wrote a poem for my mother. It was awful, but I loved it. Since then, I’ve written scads and scads of letters. In my teens, I went on to write bunches and bunches of angst-y poetry, a few short stories, and a couple of novellas. I didn’t know enough to know how bad it all was, but my grandmother always read whatever I sent to her and encouraged me to continue…

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