A Taste of “Mirklin Wood” #8


I’ve enjoyed providing tidbits of “Mirklin Wood” for your enjoyment.

Front Cover RedThrough the brush, she could see the wagon on the road – two men struggled with a woman each as an infant wailed at the rough handling by a third man. A fourth stood upon the wagon, tossing its contents.

Ryanna sent to Sabre – ~Get the one on the wagon — as she rushed the one who had the baby. She sheathed her long knife, then used the pommel of her sword to batter him into unconsciousness, while catching hold of the child with her free hand. She set the little fellow down as gently as the circumstances allowed while scoring a touch on the leg of the brigand who held the baby’s mother. He howled and let the woman go to protect himself from Ryanna. The mother rushed for her baby while the brigand made the fatal…

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