A Taste of Mirklin Wood #7


Mirklin Wood is on preorder now and I’ve dropped the price of The Willow Branch. And here is some more yummy goodness from the book itself.

Front Cover RedOn a narrow, swampy spit of land thrust into the Stormor like a fist, a collection of buildings lay silent and dark as a black vortex roiled from the ground to the heavens. Amid the swirling maelstrom, lightning flashed and daemons played. Far above the ground, where the air grew thin, the vortex threw off darkling offspring that piled up like thunderheads, spilling across the kingdom of Celdrya, seeking whom they might devour.


A circle of 13 had met in the etheric and built a spell to find the True King. Black mages had attempted this spell twice before in the century since King Perryn had been killed. They had yet to find the True King, but they’d discovered lots of ways…

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