A Taste of Mirklin Wood #5


This is sort of interesting – finding snippets to share that don’t give away too much of the story.

This scene involves Padraig’s niece Shyla, who will become an important character further in the series. This is sort of her introduction. Enjoy!

Front Cover RedInside the town, folk rushed about to secure anything that might be ruined or killed by the storm. Glynn led their clattering way up the broad curving avenue as wind carried a storm of dust over the wall and straight into Shyla’s face. Her horse shied sideways, blowing, as she struggled to get her hair out of her mouth and the dirt out of her eyes. When the tears blinked free, she cast about in mild anxiety, for she didn’t see Glynn or Matryc. The dust formed a whirlwind at the end of an alley. Her gut tightened. This felt … deliberate. Every fiber of her being…

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