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Willow Branch Blue White Recreation CoverThe Willow Branch will be on Kindle Countdown January 2-9.

Pick up at great fantasy at a great price.

It’ll be 99 cents for the first couple of days.

Front Cover Red

Mirklin Wood is in edits and picking up beta readers. My goal for publication is March, which probably means it’ll actually be April, but you know, that’s the beauty and horror of self-publishing. If you’re a beta reader and would like to get in on reading a free book and helping to repair some of its flaws, drop me a line at

And if you’re a fan of the Transportation Project, Objects in View is being written because that’s what I do when I take a break from one series, is work on the other one. I am so excited about what happens to the people of Emmaus when the rain stops, which is where I left them at the…

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Interview with Wanda Luthman


Today’s interview is with children’s author Wanda Luthman.. Welcome to the blog, Wanda. Tell us something about yourself.

Luthman WandaI grew up in St. Louis, MO but moved to Florida as an adult after college. I am a High School Guidance Counselor. This is my 18th year doing that job. Before that, I worked at a local Mental Health Center for 10 years doing counseling.

I’m married. We just celebrated our 20th Anniversary by taking a cruise to Alaska. It’s an amazing place and everyone should try to get there at least once in their lifetime.

I have a daughter in college that I’m very proud of. I also have 4 grown step-children whom I love dearly.

I have two yorkies—Scruffy and Tessa. They didn’t come from the same litter. Scruffy went with us to pick out Tessa.  They love each other very much! As evidenced by all their…

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Interview with Paul Hollis


Today’s interview is with Paul Hollis, author of The Hollow Man. Welcome to the blog, Paul. Tell us something about yourself. 

Hollis Paul Author PhotoI was born in a small town east of Birmingham. My family moved to Chicago when I was five and I came of age in California. I entered university at the end of 1967 and fell into a blossoming subculture that reshaped my reality, figuratively and perhaps a little too literally.

Ah, my brother’s generation!

I worked for IBM and had worldwide responsibility for several emerging business opportunities for the company, one being intelligent video surveillance. After 9/11, as you can imagine, security and safety became of paramount important to corporations, police departments, governments, casinos, banks, retailers, and a host of others. As a result, I was almost constantly on my way to somewhere else.

Such as?

I’ve lived in some exotic places such as London, Brussels, Paris, Madrid…

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