A Taste of Murklin Wood


The paths were filled with daemons of all sizes and shapes, terrible faces contorted in rage as one after the other they pressed toward Donyl and Pedyr, swinging their bronze weapons to meet their iron. Calm and rational in this irrational situation, Donyl dealt death as no novice at arms had a right, slicing and parrying, arms burning with fatigue. He understood that they were going to die – that had been a given when they saw the hordes upon the paths — but the man at his back deserved better. Here was a Believer, a follower of the One, who trusted his god to save his soul, but did not expect him to save his life. Oath-sworn to see Donyl to his destination or die in the attempt, Pedyr fought a last futile battle for naught but honor. The citadel is within sight! Could not the Denygal god find…

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Support My Thunderclap for The Willow Branch


Willow Branch Blue White Recreation CoverI’m trying to draw some more attention prior to release of Book 2 (Murklin Wood) early next year.

Give a great fantasy some applause.


Here’s the truly exciting part of this. It costs you, my supporters, NOTHING. You don’t have to buy the book (although I wouldn’t object if you did!), you don’t have to donate any money. You don’t even have to write a post or tweet. All you have to do is agree (through a simple one-time app) to allow my Thunderclap to go out over your social media network on November 3.

On that date, there will be a single message pushed out over the social media networks of all participants. You can even read the message I am sending out.

That’s it!

I need 100 supporters by November 3 for the Thunderclap to be broadcast. When I tried this several months ago, I didn’t manage…

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Interview with Lucinda E. Clarke


LClarke Author PhotoToday’s interview is with Lucinda E. Clarke, a friend from the Booktrap, and quite the adventuress. Tell us something about yourself, Lucinda. 

Starting with basics, I was conceived and born in Dublin, Ireland (I don’t remember the conception part too well), then taken to England. By the time I got married I had spent years and years in the classroom, then trained to spend the rest of my life in the classroom, so I was not ready for the big, bad world.

That is so true for all of us.School is definitely not real life.

After first wedding, I tried crofting in Scotland (disaster we couldn’t get a spade through the permafrost) – bred small animals for pet shops (disaster, they all died) –  bred dogs (disaster, one took off and killed chickens).

So we took off for Kenya (disaster, husband walked off the job and we were almost stranded)…

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Interview with Siobhan Davis


Destiny Rising bannerToday’s interview is with Siobhan Davis, author of the True Calling series. Welcome to the blog.  Tell us something about yourself. (Where are you from, what do you do to pay the bills, significant relationships, as little or as much as you want).

I’m a wife to Trevor and mother to Cian (14) and Callum (9). Until recently I worked as Head of Human Resources for an indigenous IT company, but I chose to turn my back on my corporate career this year to focus full-time on my writing. I write YA science fiction fantasy romance as those are the types of books that I love to read. I live in the Garden County of Ireland, close to the sea. Some of the things I love: reading, reading, and more reading, big Hollywood blockbusters, soppy love stories, make-up, shoes, bags, anti-wrinkle cream, coffee slices with lashing of cream, the color…

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Interview with Sydney Scrogham


Today’s interview is with Sydney Scrogham. Welcome to the blog, Sydney. Tell us something about yourself.

Scrogham author photoAny fellow Caskett fans out there?  I’ve learned so much about plotting from watching Castle episodes…

I’m on the East Coast in the United States, Virginia to be precise.  (The weather’s crazy here in case you’re wondering.)  My day job finds me as a support staff specialist for Wingfield Ministries, and I’m the proud momma of one miniature dachshund (Zoe) and one big Selle Francais (horse—named Snowdy).

At what point did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I was 12.  In the span of a year, I wrote a 30-some book “series” (about six pages long each) about My Little Ponies who lived on a farm run by Beanie Baby cats.

What is your favorite genre … to read … to write?

Fantasy and romance… as long as there’s no erotica.

What are…

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