Interview with Alan Place


Alan PlaceToday’s interview is with Alan Place, extremely prolific author from the United Kingdom.

Before I start, I would like to thank Lela for this opportunity to tell you about my work.
On viewing my various pages on book selling sites, you would get the impression that I’m prolific – I was. I was more prolific than it appears at first glance, many of my books are collections of stories; the award winning Chronicles of Mark Johnson is a good example. The first book in the series, is eight short stories combined. I haven’t done much recently. It is isn’t writer’s block – I never get that – I have lots of stories to write. My problem is more personal, depression.
Tell us about yourself, Alan.
I was born in North Yorkshire – the county has changed its name since – to me it will always be North Yorkshire. My mother’s…

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Interview with George Wier


Today I welcome George Wier, Texas crime fiction author, to the blog. Tell us something about yourself, George. (Basic bio, where’d you grow up, what do you do for a living, significant relationships — as much or as little as you want).

george wierThere’s not a lot to tell. The first eight years of my life I grew up in Madisonville, Texas. My father was an oil well firefighter in the Gulf of Mexico, working for Red Adair—he was one of the original Hellfighters. In fact, on some of the shots in that movie, my dad was fighting real fires in an asbestos suit. Later he was a truck driver, an insurance salesman, and toward the end of his life he was a jailer. He was utterly fearless. My mother had wanted to be a Christian missionary in Africa or Asia, but that was apparently not to be. She had three…

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A Taste of Mirklin Wood


Front CoverThe paths were filled with daemons of all sizes and shapes, terrible faces contorted in rage as one after the other they pressed toward Donyl and Pedyr, swinging their bronze weapons to meet their iron. Calm and rational in this irrational situation, Donyl dealt death as no novice at arms had a right, slicing and parrying, arms burning with fatigue. He understood that they were going to die – that had been a given when they saw the hordes upon the paths — but the man at his back deserved better. Here was a Believer, a follower of the One, who trusted his god to save his soul, but did not expect him to save his life. Oath-sworn to see Donyl to his destination or die in the attempt, Pedyr fought a last futile battle for naught but honor. The citadel is within sight! Could not the Denygal god find…

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Interview with Cat Nicolaou


Cat NicolaouToday’s interview is with debut romance novelist Cat Nicolaou. Cat is a friend from the Booktrap independent authors group, a source for many of my interview victims. Welcome, Cat!
Hello, everyone. This is Cat calling from Greece.
Tell us something about yourself, Cat.
I come from a small island in the center of the Aegean Sea. I live there with my family and my pets. I am a cat person mostly, though all kinds of animals are welcome at my home. I am in my thirties now and I am a businesswoman besides being a writer.
What was the first story you wrote and how old were you?
I am not your usual type of writer who have been writing since childhood. I was always reluctant to write my thoughts down fearing someone will see. But I used to make up stories in my mind all the time. Anyway, I finally decided…

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Interview with Sophie Tallis


Sophie TallisToday’s interview is with Sophe E. Tallis, author of White Mountain, an absolutely delightful fantasy and Book 1 in the Darkling Chronicles. Tell us something about yourself, Sophie. (What do you do for a living, where’d you grow up, significant relationships, as little or as much as you want).
As well as being a writer and illustrator, I’m a librarian too, an absolutely dream job being surrounded by books all day. The only problem is trying to focus when you have such great literature around! I used to be a full-time teacher for many years, a really tough job with very long hours but great working with children, although I don’t miss the paperwork! I grew up in the countryside, in a small village in Gloucestershire, UK, where I spent most of my childhood climbing trees, making dens, playing in the woods and dreaming of dragons and wild adventures.

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