Interview with Patrick Burdine


Patrick BurdineThis week’s interview is with Patrick Burdine, author of The Monitor and co-author of The Vampire’s Last Lover. He’s also featured in The Actuator 1.5: Borderland’s Anthology.
Tell us something about yourself, Patrick.
I’m originally from New Mexico – born in a small town named Portales that nobody has heard of, but I graduated high school in a small town pretty much everyone has heard of – Roswell. These days I live in Burbank, CA with my lovely and incredibly patient wife, 3 daughters and a newborn son. My favorite place that I have lived though, has been up in your neck of the woods at Ft. Richardson Alaska a lifetime ago back when I was in the Army.
Richardson (now part of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, or JBER) is sort of my neck of the woods. It’s in Anchorage, which is almost 400 miles away from Fairbanks, but…

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