Interview with Dyane Forde, Indie Author


Dyane FordeMy friend Dyane Forde visited me following her decision to end contract with her publisher. She is now fully an indie author. Check out my earlier interview with her here.

Talk a bit about the Purple Morrow and where the sequel is in process.

The idea for The Purple Morrow started a few years back when I wanted to explore themes related to loss, redemption, and moving forward. The story of a man unable to deal with the past while being thrown into a crisis demanding that he settle things and move on seemed a good place to start.

Purple MorrowThe Purple Morrow started very simply; I’d intended it to be a solo book. But as the story developed and the characters matured, I knew the full tale had to be explored. The world of Marathana blossomed, becoming multi-cultural, each people group following their own cultural or religious beliefs. Magic and…

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Interview with Ted Minkinow


Today, I am welcoming back Ted Minkinow. I interviewed Ted a while back on  his book The Apostasy and his work in progress Bones and Bagger, both Christian horror novels. I asked him to stop back by because he has a new website, so I’m re-running the interview with updated links … and I think I fixed the glitch with the photos from the first interview. 

Ted MinkinowThanks, Lela.  I am thankful to you for providing an opportunity to chat about The Apostasy and some work that hasn’t been released.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Ted. 

I’m married with five children (ages 9 to 15), and am an IT guy.  I grew up in a military family–was born in Munich, Germany while my dad served in the U.S. Army.  As a kid, I mostly grew up in Georgia and Alabama, and that’s where we waited on my father to…

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Interview with Margaret Eleanor Leigh


Today’s interview is with Margaret Eleanor Leigh, writer of Frog Dog Summer, The Wrong Shade of Yellow, The Incorruptible and several other novels. Margaret is a multi-genre writer: The Wrong Shade of Yellow is wonderful travelogue, The Incorruptible is a murder mystery set in Greece, and Frog Dog Summer is the first of a quartet of children’s books.


Margaret Eleanor LeighTell us something about yourself, Margaret.

Well first of all, Lela, thanks very much for having me! I currently live in wet, wet Wales, but I was born and raised in dry, dry South Africa. At the age of 24, I finally shook the African dust from my heels and spent the next two decades living in New Zealand. I’ve also lived in England, the Scottish Highlands and Greece. So you could say I’ve been around the block …

Wow! That is a lot of traveling! What was the first story…

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Review of Agency Rules: Never an Easy Day at the Office


Khalid MohammedDuring our interview, Khalid asked if I would be interested in reading and reviewing Agency Rules. Anyone following this blog knows that I don’t do a lot of reviews. They take time and I would much rather write my own books, but I’ve been interested in Pakistan from a political science point of view (my college minor was political science with a foreign policy focus) so I agreed. It took me a couple of months to read this book, not because it was hard to read — Khalid was American-raised and writes wonderful English — but because it was so well-written that I risked culture shock if I read too much of it at one time. I highly recommend this book and will be posting my review in lots of places. If you want to understand the role of Pakistan in world events today, it pays to have a Pakistani…

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Interview with Iona Visan


ioana visanThis week’s author interview is with Ioana Visan, award-winning author of several novels, most recently Broken People. Tell us something about yourself, Ioana … which is a lovely name, by the way. 

Thank you, Ioana is a popular name here, in Romania. I live in Iasi, in the north-east of Romania, and I spend most of my time at the computer, writing, among other things.

How old were you when you first started writing and what sort of stories were they?

I started writing while in high school, but then college took all my time, and I returned to writing only after I got my Computer Science degree. Roleplaying was a lot of fun for a couple of years until I decided it was time to take writing seriously and become published. And I did, first traditionally, and then self-published later on. I started with science fiction and fantasy…

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