Interview with Michael Faris


Today’s interview is with Michael Faris, author of the Forever Laowai series, which are non-fiction, sort of autobiographical set in China. (correct me if my understanding is wrong).
— Tell us something about yourself.
I grew up in and around Dallas, Texas.  I’ve also lived in Germany and South Korea.  I spent nine years in the Army as a Medic and have been in IT ever since.
— You live in China, which what got my attention. Since I don’t live the typical American lifestyle (I live in Alaska), I am fascinated by people who choose to live in cultures that don’t reflect the typical American burb life. So, how did you come to live in China?
When I was young, China was still closed off from the rest of the world.  My parents had a subscription to National Geographic.  I remember an issue about China and seeing the multicolored…

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