Meet My Character – Padraig

I don’t really have a main character in The Willow Branch. It is an ensemble cast of which Padraig is a central member.

A part-elven healer, Padraig has lived among the Kin, but was raised a Celdryan. This makes him uniquely qualified to seek the One’s True King — a mythic figure who is meant to mend the fractured kingdom of Celdrya and make an alliance with the Kin before an impending invasion destroys both peoples.

Padraig is attractive, well-mannered, trained in arms, educated, and has family connections among the nobility, but he himself is an herbman, a respected member of the peasantry. In other words, he has no power in the nobility. So if he can find the True King, he won’t have the ability to put him on the throne … or will he?

Padraig’s lack of personal ambition makes him the perfect candidate to be a kingmaker. He has no desire to rule himself, not even as a puppet master. He simply wants to do the One’s will and mend the kingdom.

Although an extremely compassionate and loving man, he is by no means perfect, and both his Kin sensitivities and noble upbringing sometimes cause him to judge his father’s people harshly.

Because the past and the present are connected in ways the book’s characters have forgotten, there’s a mystery involving Padraig that is not highlighted in the book. Readers who like mysteries are welcome to solve it and could win a copy of Mirklin Wood or a later book in the series if they do.

How are Donyl and Padraig connected?


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