Interview with Henry Melton


Displaying HenrySanta.jpegToday, I am meeting with Henry Melton, who has a writing career that spans 40 years.  I discovered his book Beneath the Amarillo Plains while researching aphasia. I was so struck by his book that I tracked him down for an interview.

Tell us something about yourself, Henry?

Thanks for talking with me.  Before I get started, let me say that I have great memories of Fairbanks.  When my children were younger, we packed up a cab-over pickup camper and headed from Texas to Alaska, taking the Inside Passage ferry from Prince Rupert, then driving what roads we could manage on our three-week trip before heading back on the Al-Can Highway.  I’m always looking for a good excuse to go back.

You are welcome to visit anytime, Henry! I’m pretty sure Fairbanks has changed substantially since that visit, but there’s still plenty of rugged scenery and wildlife to capture your…

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