Interview with Scott Butcher


Displaying IMG_0361.JPGToday, I am interviewing Scott Butcher, author of An Eagle’s Heart and the Stillwart Chronicles. Scott and I know each other from Authonomy and we are beta readers for each other. Lela #iamwriting
Tell us something about yourself.
I grew up in both Australia and Canada. My Dad worked for oil exploration companies, so we moved around a lot. I briefly worked in oil too, so I guess I was a third generation oil explorer as my Grandfather had worked for Anglo-American oil before us. With my children we’ve been four generations of wanderers. I don’t work in oil any more, I took an Applied Physics Degree (and actually worked for the good part of the force for a while – at a solar cell company) and then a PhD. I’ve been a scientist/engineer for many years now, and run my own company from Canada. I’ve written close to a…

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