Jane Bwye Launches New Book


When I heard that my friend Jane Bwye was launching a new ebook, I had to ask her about it and give her a high-five in the process. So I am joining her at her book launching event  on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/284107581774947/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming
Jane, tell us about the new book.
Bless you, Lela! What a friend you are!
My book is a novella (30,000 words) called I LIFT UP MY EYES (quote from Psalm 121, NIV version). It will be sold as e-book only, and will be launched on Tuesday 7th October. It will be available on amazon.uk and .com, smashwords, and direct from Crooked Cat Publishers. My publishers are becoming more known worldwide now. Breath of Africa is also available on Google books, Tescos, etc. etc. but the new one will probably take a bit of time to filter through.
It is a story set in England, about love lost and found, and…

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