Interview with Cass J. McMain


Today, I am meeting with author Cass J. McMain, author of Sunflower, which was published in 2013, and Watch, which debuts today. Cass is another friend from Authonomy, so I’m going to start by asking her something that I’ve always wanted to know.

lookup sepiaWhat is the meaning of your screen name on Authonomy “Helianthus” and why did you choose it?

Helianthus was a gaming name I used years ago. I wasn’t trying for it, but it worked perfectly as a screen name for Authonomy, because Helianthus is the botanical name for Sunflower.

Tell me a little about yourself?

I was born and raised in New Mexico, where I still live. I am a tropical plant expert; I spent 20 years as a greenhouse manager, but the local industry has fallen by the wayside and I am now doing bookkeeping work. Maybe one day there will be another greenhouse for…

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