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Thom Stark and I began a conversation following his author interview with me here and here (which I intend to run in its entirety some Wednesday when I need an author interview. It was far ranging, from writing topics to politics and religion. I intend to share these with my readers on Thursdays.

Thom StarkLELA: I enjoyed the part of May Day by Thom Stark that I’ve read so far, by the way. I could definitely see myself as a fan of the series. I like political thrillers when they’re well done. You clearly have done your research and you present some very striking images of what such a terrorist attack would look like. My hat’s off to you for a phenomenal work of future fiction.

THOM: Thank you. Like most writers, I love it when my work is praised by other authors.

Research is something I strongly believe should be…

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Interview with John Holt


Today’s interview is with John Holt, whose book The Thackery Journal asks the question “Were Lincoln’s own generals complicit in his assassination?” John has written a very well-researched book about the Civil War that suggests, very credibly, that Lincoln’s assassination was planned by his own generals who used John Wilkes Booth to cover up their treachery.


John HoltTell us a little bit about yourself, John. 

I was born in Hertfordshire too long ago now. Since 1980 I have lived in Essex, in a small town about 40 miles northeast of London, with my wife Margaret, my daughter Eizabeth, and Missy our cat who adopted us. I used to work as a Senior Project Manager with the Greater London Council. Then in 1986 I started my own surveying practice. In 2004 I suffered a heart attack, and I finally retired in 2008. In April 2012 I was diagnosed with a cancer…

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Interview with Thom Stark, Part 2


Thom StarkWe’re returning with Thom Stark, the author of American Sulla. Thom has been gracious enough to lend his wit and intellect to my blog both to promote his book and to talk about some further ranging topics. This is the second part of the author interview, but I plan to run our conservation on Thursdays for a while. I have Writing Wednesdays. These are Thom Thursdays, I suppose. Lela

Part 1 of the Author Interview is here.

Tell us about American Sulla. The series is a political thriller that postulates a nuclear attack on New York City and the action takes place in aftermath, examining the consequences and coping strategies of the country and particularly the US government. How did you come to write on that topic?

In 2011, once I regained the ability to type, I began work on a science fiction novel called The Deluge

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Help Promote The Willow Branch


Front Cover UpdateA book’s destiny is to be read. Support my Thunderclap for The Willow Branch.

What is Thunderclap? It’s a new website that allows people to pledge to Tweet or Facebook Share all on the same day and time in order to achieve maximum effect. Consider this an online cheer for The Willow Branch.

Click on this link and choose either Support with Facebook or Support with Twitter (or BOTH!) and add your name to the Thunderclap. On November 24, all those who signed up will automatically post on Twitter and Facebook a recommendation for a great fantasy novel.

With your help, on November 24, thousands of people will hear about The Willow Branch.

Lela Markham

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Interview with Henry Melton


Displaying HenrySanta.jpegToday, I am meeting with Henry Melton, who has a writing career that spans 40 years.  I discovered his book Beneath the Amarillo Plains while researching aphasia. I was so struck by his book that I tracked him down for an interview.

Tell us something about yourself, Henry?

Thanks for talking with me.  Before I get started, let me say that I have great memories of Fairbanks.  When my children were younger, we packed up a cab-over pickup camper and headed from Texas to Alaska, taking the Inside Passage ferry from Prince Rupert, then driving what roads we could manage on our three-week trip before heading back on the Al-Can Highway.  I’m always looking for a good excuse to go back.

You are welcome to visit anytime, Henry! I’m pretty sure Fairbanks has changed substantially since that visit, but there’s still plenty of rugged scenery and wildlife to capture your…

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