Interview with Nicholas Kotar


Displaying headshot.jpgToday, I am meeting with Nicholas Kotar, writer of Raven Son, a delightful fantasy that I am pleased to be re-reading. Raven Son was one of my favorite Authonomy books because it was a dark tale that mines a culture that hasn’t been overdone by previous writers and it includes themes of faith and redemption without sugar coating human nature. Lela

Tell us about yourself, Nick.

There’s a story I once heard about a certain Russian writer (I have my suspicions it was Chekhov), who was asked what he did for a living. He answered, somewhat surprised, “What do I do? I love my wife Olga!” There’s a lot of wisdom in his answer, in addition to its humor. It’s an answer I happily appropriate. My lovely wife, our new baby son Adrian, and I live near a Russian monastery in upstate New York farm country, where I recently completed…

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