Speaking Loosely


Research in fantasy writing is important. I cannot deny it. I spend a lot of time researching to write The Willow Branch. Celtic society, polytheism, herbalism, medieval architecture, saddles, foods, poisons ….

To write a believable tale, I think it’s necessary to not ask readers to suspend disbelief too much. You have to at least acknowledge gravity as a real thing. Sometimes writers overstep those bounds and l struggle with the tale thereafter. I love Kate Elliott and her Crown of Stars series, but the little girl who grew up so fast bothers me. I know enough about psychology to know that physical maturity does not equal automatic emotional or intellectual maturity. George Martin’s seasons confound me. I could agree with summers that were multiple years long and winters that were longer or shorter than summer, but that the people of this world don’t have a clue about the regularity…

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