The Center of Her Thoughts

Jane Bwye

Last week I visited story-teller Lela Markham in her home in Alaska, and today she’s returning the favour. We’ll be exchanging more visits in the future, but first, I have some questions to ask her.


Lela Markham on Moose Creek, off the Steese Highway, in Alaska. The pipe behind her is part of the Davidson Ditch, an aquaduct system built to provide water to the gold dredges near Fairbanks Alaska.

Lela – thank you so much for having me last week, and letting me ramble on. Now it’s my turn! I only know you through your writings. Would you care to provide a more complete picture of yourself – your home, family, what you do for a living?

Lela Markham is the pen name of an Alaskan writer and blogger, born and raised in and around Fairbanks, but her family has lived in various parts of Alaska since…

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